Our Services

Conditions Treated

Dr. Steve Heffelfinger addresses the individuals imbalances and therefore finds great results in the following conditions:

Acid Reflux Syndrome Crohn’s Disease Phobias
Allergies Emotional Difficulties Scoliosis
Asthma Fibromyalgia Neurovascular or Immune Disorders
Arthritis Headaches Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Autism Hormonal Imbalances Tourette’s Syndrome
Auto Immune Disorders Infantile Disorders Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Immune Suppression Disorders Stress and Tension-Related Problems
Chronic Neck and Back Pain Learning Disabilities Sports Injuries
Central Nervous System Disorders Migraine Headaches Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
Colic Motor-Coordination Impairments Post-Surgical Dysfunction
Colitis Orthopedic Problems …and much more

Structural Correction

Chiropractic makes the body biomechanically sound and removes nerve irritation through natural means. I use non force techniques like Pain Neutralization Technique, Arthrostim, KST and Activator, as well as more traditional approaches, like Diversified, Gonstead and Cox, matching to the individual’s needs.

Nutritional Balancing

Utilizing a combination of Nutritional Response Testing, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Contact Reflex Analysis, Applied Kinesiology and Quintessentail Applications, we assess the status of the autonomic nervous system and design a precise nutritional program that will rebuild the compromised systems in the sequence dictated by physiologcal priority and the body’s needs.

Emotional Balancing

I find about 1/3 of patient’s imbalances to involve stuck emotional patterns (Neuro-emotional complexes). These patterns can keep physiology in a repetitive loop, thereby stalling healing. NET clears these patterns.

Hormonal Balancing

Using lab tests and/or reflex testing, we look for and address the biochemical blockages that interfere with optimal hormone function.

Pain Relief

Laser light energy (class III) and phototherapy (infra-red) is effective in wound healing, acceleration of the inflammatory process and pain reduction.


We unfortunately live in a toxin laden state, whether in our air, food, water, electromagnetics, home or work. Depending on the need, we can combine: Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot Bath, Whole Body Vibration, PEMF, Frequency Specific Micro-current, Medi-Body Packs, Castor Oil Packs, Detoxifying Nutrients, Homeopathy and Home Therapies to cleanse your system.


Working under the “Law of Similars” and “Minimum Dose”, this science has proven to be effective in many maladies. The carefully chosen remedy is a vibration/frequency that safely guides our body towards balance.

Stress Management

Stress is considered the number one killer. We utilize either Alpha Stim, NET, EFT, Turbo Sonic, Homeopathy, Nutrition or Chiropractic to help manage stress.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

FSMC is a system of treatment using microamperage current and the resonance effects of frequencies on tissues and conditions to create beneficial changes in symptoms and health

IonCleanse Foot Bath

IonCleanse is a detoxification system which pulls toxins out of your body by releasing the pollution through your feet with a warm bath of water. You can see it happening before your eyes. At one point it is putting Hydrogen into the body (changing the pH: potential for Hydrogen), which is electron rich. Later it is exchanging Oxygen for toxins.

Physical Rehabilitation

Mostly used to calm the effects of acute pain, we have PEMF, Microcurrent, Phototherapy, Ultrasound, Interferential Stimulation, Electrical Stimulation, Diathermy, and Cold Laser at our disposal. In a rehabilitative approach, we can utilize Home Exercises, Whole Body Vibration with oxygen, Foundation training, Balance Board, and Inversion Table.